Who is ANAORI?


Established in Osaka, Japan over half a century ago, Anaori Carbon Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development of cutting-edge technologies for carbon. 
Eiichi Anaori, founder of ANAORI Inc. has vivid memories of delicious sweet potatoes his father would roast on blocks of carbon graphite. Those memories compelled him to exploit the potential of carbon graphite and transform it into a groundbreaking cooking tool. With this tool ANAORI hopes to inspire a new generation of culinary consciousness based on universal values for people of all walks of life. 


What is your concept?


In a return to essentials, ANAORI uses leading-edge technology to fully exploit the potential of carbon graphite. Carving sophisticated products from a single block, ANAORI offers a radically original homeware collection that is the new definition of timeless minimalism: the union of functionality, elegance, and perfection. ANAORI’s philosophy is embedded with the wisdom of the Japanese traditional relationship to our environment: understand nature’s principles and enhance its capacity with the least intervention possible. Crystallizing this spirit in its products, ANAORI embodies the cutting-edge of Naturality.      


What is the ANAORI Naturality Tour?

An ambitious 6 month event taking place from April to September of 2021, in this tour ANAORI is collaborating with culinary masters from all over the globe who share our core values. Details about the tour will be announced at the kickoff event in the beginning of April. 


Why can’t the product be purchased now?

This is our first announcement for product sales
The product will be available for purchase on our website from the beginning of April.


When will the product become available for purchase?

The product will be available on our website from the beginning of April. 


Where can the product be shipped to?

We are able to ship the product globally. 


Where can we get the latest information about ANAORI?

Please follow us on our official Facebook and Instagram accounts for up to date information. 
We also have a newsletter for latest updates about our brand, you can register your email address on our website to receive the newsletter.