The Tastemaker

Tradition and innovation together present a breakthrough for restaurant kitchens

Carbon graphite fused with the wisdom of Japanese cuisine create a product unprecedented in culinary history.

Carbon Graphite: Lighter than Iron,
Made into the World's Heaviest Cooking Tool

Carbon graphite emits an impressive 5 times more far infrared than cast iron. This capacity is maximised in the solid cube of ANAORI kakugama. The result: a cooking tool with superior heat retention that also rivals the far infrared emissivity achieved when cooking with charcoal.

25% the Relative Density of Iron. 5 times the Far Infrared Emissivity

Visible Light Near Infrared Far Infrared Emissivity ︵%︶ 0 20 40 60 80 100 Wavelength(μ/M) Carbon Graphite Iron

With advanced conductivity,
ANAORI kakugama is compatible with all heating sources
including induction heat, gas, and the oven.

The Only, All-In-One

Grill, Simmer, Poach, Fry, Steam - with this one cooking tool

Dual Purpose Lid Locks in Umami and is also a Grill Pan

A unique outer lid, optimizing both sealing and grilling features.

Hinoki Cypress Efficiently
Stabilizes Moisture

Pure hinoki cypress is a signature of Japanese cuisine's respect for natural ingredients. It embodies the aroma of the Japanese countryside.

Exquisite Craftsmanship
in a Robust Form

Meticulous craftsmanship on raw carbon graphite, ANAORI kakugama is sculpted into a minimalistic cube and accented with chamfered edges inspired by Japanese tea ceremony architecture.

Exceptional Harmony
Between Broth and Ingredients

Revived in ANAORI kakugama is the imo-gata (rounded bottom) pot shape that was popular until the middle of the Edo period (1603 - 1868). The circular shape initially conceived for firewood cooking is ideal for ensuring uniform heat distribution.

Temperature of Each Ingredient
Controlled Within the Cube

Higher heat retention and far infrared emissivity of the solid block of carbon graphite reduce the cellular breakdown that occurs when raw ingredients are exposed to heat.

Anaori Chikunetsu

To Command Heat is to Command Umami

ANAORI kakugama

Conventional grill pan

Grill beyond expectations. The internal temperature is controlled while giving the surface a precise sear. Conventional protein denaturation and cell break down from heat exposure is minimized with carbon graphite.

Simmer - Enhance the Flavor of Each Ingredient

Traditionally, careful mise en place, characterises the quality of a simmered dish. ANAORI kakugama elevates individual favors while an umami rich broth seamlessly blends together, all without mise en place.

Poach - Maintain the Integrity of Each Ingredient

The natural moisture from each ingredient delicately melds into sauce. Observe how the integrity of each ingredient is heightened when poached together.

With the All-In-One
The Possibilities are Endless

Grill chicken on the lid grill before braising in the pot.
Concentrate umami while retaining the tenderness of
the meat for an exquisitely balanced result.

Fry - Reestablish the Bond
Between Batter and Ingredient

Rapid heat transfer effectively cooks the ingredient, crispening the batter and intensifying umami

Flawless Takikomi-Gohan
(Japanese Mixed Rice)

Even heat distribution ensures that anyone can consistently make perfectly steamed rice. The result is reminiscent of rice made with traditional Japanese pots specifcally designed for expertly cooking rice.

It All Began With the Memory of a Roasted Sweet Potato

The flavor was etched in founder Eiichi Anaori’s memory. The flavor of sweet potatoes roasted on chunks of carbon graphite in his childhood. With consciousness about resources scarcity and environmental impact increasing, carbon graphite stands at the forefront of metal replacement technology. Eiichi Anaori became increasingly compelled to facilitate our connection to nature by introducing the versatility of carbon graphite into our everyday lives. He partnered with chef Hirohisa Koyama and infused the ethos of Japanese cuisine into the development of kakugama. ANAORI kakugama is our flagship carbon graphite product. Starting here, our goal is to forge the way for our philosophy of Naturality to continue to touch various aspects of human life.

Cooking is Our Second Nature

ANAORI kakugama embodies the principle that cooking is our second nature: with minimal intervention,
nature works to heighten the essence of each ingredient. Multifunctional yet simple, this product guides us back to the essentials of living with nature and a new way of being.

The Cutting Edge of Naturality

Japanese wisdom understands that our finest successes come from harmony with nature.
ANAORI uses technology to enhance nature's capabilities into a fundamentally original homeware collection of timeless minimalism: a union of functionality, elegance, and perfection.

For Professional and General Use

Size 242mm x 184mm
Maximum Capacity 5.1 Liters
Weight Approx. 7.9 kg (Base 6.3 kg, Lid 1.6 kg)
Material Base & Outer lid: Carbon / Inner lid: Japanese cypress
Maximum Temperature 300°C
Heat Sources Induction Heat/ Gas / Oven
Product deliveries expected to commence in early August, 2021
Size 204mm x 184mm
Maximum Capacity 3.4 Liters
Weight Approx. 6 kg (Base 4.8 kg, Lid 1.2 kg)
Material Base & Outer lid: Carbon / Inner lid: Japanese cypress
Maximum Temperature 300°C
Heat Sources Induction Heat/ Gas / Oven
Product deliveries expected to commence in early August, 2021